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Welltel has a wide range of IT Professional Services to suit any size of company and budget. Our team are highly experienced IT experts who understand how technology can be put to the best use to really impact a company’s bottom line.

From business consulting, through IT strategy to design, implementation and support we can provide any service with your business needs.


Unsure what direction your IT should go in?

An IT roadmap will help you define which technologies should be applied and the timeframe.

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Are you experiencing IT outages and downtime?

This can be costly and damaging for any business. We help minimise IT risk.

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Is your data safe?

 Backup and recovery services are essential to the security of your company and customers’ data.

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Are you utilising the latest technologies?

We help companies maintain a competitive edge with the most up to date IT systems.

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Professional Services

Project Resourcing

Project Resourcing

We can provide you with dedicated IT professionals to help with any IT project. If your IT department is under-resourced or you have an internal skill shortage we can provide short term, medium-term or long term staff to plug the gap.

IT Resourcing

IT Resourcing

We can provide IT, staff, for long term placement or short term projects. Our IT staff are highly skilled and continually upskilling. If you need to augment your in-house team or outsource your entire IT function, we can cost-effectively deliver the skills and the capacity needed.

Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure Design

Our IT architects are always on the cutting edge of design. They will help you choose the most optimal and cost-effective solution for your business.

Project Management

Project Management

Our IT project management services help a business to apply PMO strategies and improve business performance. From small to complex IT projects our project managers deliver project management ideology whilst becoming a single point of contact for accountability, communication and escalation of issues.

IT Management

IT Management

Effective management and strategic planning of IT across a business is a critical component in reaching business goals. We help companies and organisations strategise for the future and ensure their IT investment is future-proofed and flexible to scale as the business grows.

IT Management

Strategy Development

Just as a business plan lays out the direction that a company will go in, an IT architecture plan is needed to support the business through that growth.

IT Assessment Reporting

IT Assessment & Reporting

Welltel experts can give you an honest and unbiased assessment of your current IT systems and architecture in an easy to absorb report. Based on this action can be taken to improve IT systems and processes and reduce risk.

Security Auditing

Security Auditing

A security review of your IT infrastructure and systems can keep your company protected from costly cyber-attack. Our unbiased review will identify any risks and vulnerabilities in your network and highlight areas of noncompliance with recommendations for improvement.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Our cyber security experts deliver training workshop that will educate your employees on what to watch out for and how to recognise phishing and social engineering attempts.

“The project has provided the company with an infrastructure that offers increased performance, reliability and security”


Enda Duffy – IT Manager

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Brady Family

Helpful Info

My business is medium-sized do I really need to be concerned about IT Infrastructure?

Companies of all sizes can benefit from aligning overall business plans with technical infrastructure. Just as a business plan lays out the direction that a company will go in, an IT architecture plan is needed to support the business through that growth. Our experts can help with infrastructure planning.

I know I need to upgrade my IT security but I’m not sure where to put the budget as there are so many options.

We have developed our Cyber Security review to help businesses improve their cyber resilience. We have designed a process that will assess what you currently have and identify gaps and risks from there we can recommend solutions that take into account your budget and future plans.

I’m an IT Manager and I’m getting overloaded with user issues which are preventing me from giving time to strategy and planning.

This is a common problem. IT departments are often under-resourced and are faced with increasing responsibilities. We can help augment your team with specific skills on a bespoke basis in a short, medium or longer-term capacity.

Do I really need an IT Roadmap for my business if the current systems and infrastructure are performing well?

A roadmap is the governing document that dictates specifically how technology will support the business strategy and help drive businesses priorities over the next 3-5 years. It is important that this is mapped out to help a business maximise its potential and investment in IT. Our experts can help design a roadmap specific to your business goals.

I sometimes have one-off projects that require specific IT skills that aren’t in-house – can Welltel help?

Yes! We work with lots of companies on a once-off or ongoing basis to plug a skills gap. Our IT experts are highly trained in a variety of technologies and can help get a project across the line.

I get bogged down in user issues can Welltel deliver onsite and remote support?

Yes we have a range of support services covering remote and onsite. Our support staff are highly trained with excellent response and issue resolution times. We can also provide a full-time onsite support person for a monthly charge.
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