The cyber threat landscape

evolves rapidly. Businesses

need layers of security

solutions to be fully protected.

With new frontiers such as IoT (Internet of Things), BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and continued cloud migration, solutions that scale, are flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances will protect your investment and your business into the future. In the event of a breach, companies can suffer the material loss of revenue and reputation and inherit long term damage. Cybersecurity is now a business priority.


Robust cybersecurity consists of many layers of solutions.

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Growing risk of data loss

Backup and recovery services are essential to the security of your company and customers’ data.

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Vulnerability and Patch Management

Is your team keeping up to date with vital patching on their devices?

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Mobility Security

Are you securely managing mobile devices that your staff are using to access your network?

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Cyber Security Services

email protection

Email Protection

Welltel EmailProtect is a cloud-based service that filters and blocks unsolicited email, phishing attempts and malicious email attachments before they reach your organisation.

vulnerability and patching patchguard

Vulnerability and Patch Management

Welltel PatchGuard alerts and responds to identified vulnerabilities on PC’s, laptops, physical and cloud servers across a selection of commonly targeted applications including Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Java, Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and more.

Mobility Security

Mobility Security

Welltel Mobile Device Management enables a company to enforce a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policy delivering a secure and controlled mobile access environment and providing the ability to locate, lock, and potentially wipe lost corporate devices.

Threat analysis and reporting

Threat Analysis and Reporting

Welltel Threat Monitoring solution collects and analyses information across a network, devices and security tools to identify patterns indicative of potential threats.

firewall and internet protection

Firewall & Internet Protection

Firewalls act as the gate keeper between your network and the Internet. A firewall monitors and controls traffic on your network and acts as a filter allowing traffic to reach your network based on pre-determined rules.

two factor authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Firewalls act as the gate keeper between your network and the Internet. A firewall monitors and controls traffic on your network and acts as a filter allowing traffic to reach your network based on pre-determined rules.

End point protection

End Point Protection

End point protection does not only include antivirus it is a broader concept that includes many security tools for securing the various endpoints across the enterprise.

Identity Management

Identity Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions enforce policies that control employee access to applications, systems and networks.

Proactive Monitoring

Security Monitoring (SOC)

Welltel CyberView is a cloud-based service that is designed to identify hidden threats and make users aware of them. It collects logs and internet usage patterns from businesses’ firewalls which are then analysed and converted into easy to understand reports.

IOT Security

IOT Security

IoT security safeguards connected devices and networks in the Internet of Things. Devices connecting to the internet presents several vulnerabilities if they are not properly protected.

“Our goal was to find a service provider capable of providing effective monitoring services but who would also prevent downtime”


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Helpful Info

What is the biggest cybersecurity risk to my business?

Recent research shows that human error is the biggest cybersecurity risk facing businesses today. Social engineering and spear-phishing remain a popular modus operandi of cybercriminals who attempt to trick a user into clicking on a link or downloading an attachment by appearing legitimate. Cybersecurity training for employees is a vital part of a robust cybersecurity strategy (link to cybersec training)

Is antivirus and a firewall enough to protect my business?

Not anymore! As devices accessing your networks increase over time and cyber-attacks become smarter, businesses need a multi-layered approach to securing their data and networks. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Our advice is to engage with an experienced network security company that can advise you on the best in class solutions that will scale with your business.

Is moving data and systems to the cloud safe?

Moving assets to the cloud requires a focused security approach. Cloud security is a combined effort between you and the cloud service provider. Make sure you sign up with a service provider that has stringent security policies in place. Read more about Cloud security.

I work for a Small/Mid sized business – should I be concerned about IT Security?

YES. It’s not just large companies that are at risk and, with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in place, all businesses must take steps to ensure that their systems and data are protected. Read more about GDPR here.

I’m an IT manager with responsibility for Cyber Security but I find it hard to get management to invest.

Cyber security investment often must compete with other areas, e.g. marketing and sales that are directly connected to delivering business. A trusted Managed Security Services Provider can deliver huge peace of mind to the management team that their networks, devices and data are protected and in the event that a breach occurs are quickly recoverable.

Do mobile devices need special treatment when it comes to network protection?

Mobile devices present a serious and growing threat to businesses. Malware specifically designed to target mobile devices is often spread through compromised apps, and cybercriminals will keep looking for new tools and resources to infect mobile devices.
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