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Faster, more flexible and with more features than you'll ever need

Our communications system will ensure your business is ready for anything. Simple to use and scaleable on demand our system is compatible with the industries leading phone system providers. Clearer, better quality calls, improved security and the latest features as well as a dedicated business support team.

We build a system around you and your business, which is why we ensure our telecommunications platform works with a huge range of phone system technologies.

Investing in new technology is never a decision to be taken lightly. We ensure that all companies interested in our services are given a thorough product demonstration at our Dublin Office prior to switching, so they can see first hand the value of our services.

The speed at which business is being done in Ireland is certainly increasing. The opportunities and benefits that come from having a truly connected workforce are well documented, but with technology advancing so quickly how can you make sure your communications solution is the best fit for your needs? Large-scale enterprises have dedicated teams of IT professionals working on their communications platforms on a daily basis and the vast majority are switching to Voice over Broadband (VoIP) for their telecoms needs.

If a similar solution was available for your company wouldn’t it be time to consider an investment in your communications solution? Does your business, like 28% of Irish businesses, plan to invest in their ICT in 2016? VoIP has proven to be a cost-effective, reliable, lower total cost of ownership solution in almost all cases and is far easier to manage, scale and pivot when your company needs it to. The technology provides benefits to almost every department including sales, marketing, logistics and distribution centres.

Fibre Optic Broadband, Dedicated Internet Access, MPLS, IVR, Intelligent Call Routing, all features offered by us at Welltel. But at the core focus of our business is you and your needs and that is where we continue to add value, that is where we can make a real difference to your business.

While we offer an extensive range of services for SMEs our core aim is to build a solution around your communication needs. The majority of businesses that have moved to Welltel originally moved because of the ongoing savings on call costs and line rental, from line rental alone, savings can be in the €1,000's simply by switching to a Voice over broadband provider or by upgrading their PBX to allow for SIP trunking. All our services are geared to saving your business money boosting productivity and reliability for your workforce operating in-house or remotely.

Our latest service launch is based around Smart Internet Access whereby we can segregate your fibre connection in to pockets of bandwidth which ensure your critical services such as internet access, email and voice calls are not interrupted by intermitted video streaming or downloading of large files. The message we want to communicate is as a dedicated business telecoms providers your business will be in safe hands switch to us, we are constantly innovating and customising packages for our business customers ensuring better services for you as you grow your businesses here and abroad.


All angles covered with ThreeSixty Desktop

No Compromise. We deliver the same telecommunications service, reliability and flexibility that large enterprises use, but in a concise, more costs-effect package for your business.

ThreeSixty is a feature-rich communications client for SMEs and larger businesses wishing to communicate and collaborate in the most efficient way for their business needs. Available from 2 to 200 users, ThreeSixty allows businesses to deploy personnel anywhere in the world through one unified communications tool.