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Polycom VVX401 Offer

Looking to upgrade your phone system and hardware? Switch to a Welltel Phone System and get the Polycom VVX 401 handsets for just €163. SAVING over €70 per handset!


In the cloud or on-site, we'll find the solution.

The capabilities of a modern phone system are endless. We can deliver solutions nationwide whether you need an on-site PBX or a cloud-based solution. We will change the way your company sees your communications systems forever. We specialise in combining the best connectivity available with the smartest and most advanced telecoms features. No more trying to find the right ‘fitting’ telecoms package. Welltel deliver the solution to you.

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Fortune 500 Features

Extensive range of business features without the heavy price-tag. Create a more productive workforce with a lower cost of ownership per user than traditional telecom solutions.

Welltel gives you all the tools you need for your company’s professional image to shine through. Calls are delivered as efficiently as possible, route calls are quickly and professionally delivered to the right department day or night. Automated reception services allow call to 'hunt; for the next available employee in the respective department so that calls can be quickly answered ensuring customers and suppliers are dealt with promptly and enjoy crystal clear call quality.

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Modern phone systems have the ability to change the way you do business

Here are some of the ways switching to welltel could save your business time and money.

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Our award-winning service is available nationwide

This product is suitable for any multi-site or large call volume business


Summary info

  • Scalable for any business size
  • Real-time information
  • Single dashboard can be accessed anywhere
  • Generate bespoke reports

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